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And as the ice pierced my skin-
I let the tide slowly pull my hollow
and let numbness settle in
my bones and nip at what
left lingering atop my hips.

Blue lips blistered where you used
to kiss
til you left me
bruised -with love-
and battered by
the sea.
sitting on the rooftops alight
with excitement
in the glowing moon, and frigid night time
between layers of fur clothing and
inhibition- one kiss and I was smitten
until you knocked the house
out from under me,
and took away the heat inside your gaze
and I returned to self-indulgent praise.
I've never been chosen
merely an afterthought,
like the sun's shadow on the earth.

And when I found the one I thought
had chosen me first,
he laid me down like a coffin in the dirt-
only to return when it most
his hurt.
I bled for you,
I'm dead to you,
hemorrhagic nightmares
drowning the streets.

I'm not playing for keeps,
'cause you're never happy,
I bled for you
I'm dead to you,
bleeding into the fucking streets.

Addicted to the venom from your bite,
gone and poisoned my blood,
your venomous sting and I'm nothing but done.

A flutter in my chest and a bullet-proof vest
never protected me from your vice-like
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