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nothing tastes better than the love affair
caught up in another's lips,
just keeping you at the tip of

close is never close enough
to hide all the scars,
the world is dark
and i think you might be the cure
to the haze,
drunk in lust
caught up in the fun.

staying where the fun don't end,
staying in my cloud at 10,
staying where the fun don't end,
i need you here to numb me away.

nothing's better than the rush,
cocaine and thrusts
nothing's got love like poison does
licking it's way through your thoughts
at dawn.

your name snags every breath,
caught at the back of my throat
and stuck on the tip of my tongue,
make me feel alive
until i need a new overdrive,

ooo-ooh, ooo-ooh,

spending all day in the drug induced haze,
never was simply a faze,

staying in my cloud at ten,
need you here to numb my pain.
and the moment I let you in
I fell,
drowning myself deep in the well

and i forgot how to live,
my soul is too sore.

lost the sun and the moon behind your gaze
and i'm hopeless, you could say.

save me from myself,
'cause i forgot how to breathe in and out
drowning myself so deep in the well

every crisis i found is little more than
nothing now,

save me from myself, i can't be found.
the moon eclipsed the sun
in the ultimate display of
taking hold of the sky
a hostage
lost in lust for power
and twisting the sea
between tied hands,
torn between lovers
disguised as fiends developing the ribbon
and tearing at the seams.
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