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Turn out the lights it's unkind,
when you can only find the constellations at night
you're a perfect start,
you're my finish line,
you took a bitter heart and turned it kind
and in time I hope you're forever mine
something deep and hard to find
until I'm in your arms,
consuming the same bind.

Setting fire to my insides for fun
let it grow,
let it eat me up until I'm reborn
perfect to you,
something beautiful to show off in this hellish landscape
because your mouth on mine is heaven
and your body fits my mind in a way thats
hard to find.
Going to find a place for us to die,
gone and runaway, time to hide
you'll be mine and I'll be yours
to find
lost in the forest but maybe you're just a florist
perfecting the life-span of short-lived beauty
a week or two is all that's left of them
like us
the more care the better but we're still
just expiring.

I can say that you look pretty
and I can that you're just a little beauty
I found you in the bottom of the lake
preserved in ice and set afloat maybe
it's just a moat keeping everything out
from me
heaven knows I'm a toxic taste
like cocaine.

Can you unlock the thought trapped behind
clock because time's run out on us,
You're just a florist gone and set the date on us to die
the need for you has grown
so come and find me hidden in the forest dreading my death
set by you, the florist.
And did you know I always lie to myself,
perfected listening while laying on the ground
listening to my thoughts race by
kind of like a disturbing lullaby
until he comes to take me away.

Blow out the lights,
and i'll do whatever you say in the dark
to me,
blow out all the lights
filling to the brim with fright,
chests tight.

It's like the moment I died is the moment
I came alive
I can finally see what it means to be
set fire to my dreams, and now I have no house
to call my home, burned down to the ground
with every ambition I called my own,
I only ever learned from the ones I hate the most,

"You're too old to be so shy", so,

Blow out the lights,
and i'll do whatever you say in the dark
to me,
blow out all the lights
filling to the brim with fright,
chests tight.

He says to me and turns out the light,

"you know you'll never be my lover"
a disguise to hide when he buries himself in me,
it's kind of like I'm the sea
but he's the ocean,
the same but incompatible
even if only for an instant.
In spirit of the holidays, I am offering free, hand-written poetry. Paper, ink color, sketches, anything of your choice on and with the poetry.

Also, be on the look out for new photography, painting, and poetry projects.

PM me for info on poems.
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